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Where is the pain coming from?

You wake up one morning and you're feeling some pain, but where is it coming from? Most patients assume it's coming from a mechanical injury. It isn't always the case though. Pain can come from a multitude of reasons. An injury such as a slip or fall, sleeping in an awkward position, a biochemical reason such as a vitamin deficiency or an infection like shingles can also be a source of pain.

It would be nice if the pain was relieved in one visit, but sometimes it takes more detective work to find the source of the pain and find the appropriate treatment. Even thyroid and gallbladder conditions can be the source of the pain.

In order to treat what might be causing the pain, we have many questions to answer. Did it come on spontaneously? Can you reproduce the pain? What is the quality of the pain? Does it burn? Is it sharp? Does it radiate to another area of the body? All these questions lead us to what caused it and how to treat it. I hope this short article helps the next time you're feeling pain or discomfort.

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