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Image by Simon Maage

We tap into the subconscious to find out where your healing journey needs to go. 

You’re fine on paper, don’t feel like yourself and don’t know where to turn to get back to the person you want to be.

Disease can be a result of toxins, stress, food, pathogens and trauma. At Proactive Health and Wellness (The StressDr.) we combine muscle testing with our background in functional immunology, functional medicine and alternative healing modalities to overcome your health challenges.


We use techniques such as Neuro-emotional technique to release past trauma, muscle testing combined with conventional study to determine nutritional deficiencies and excesses, organ dysfunction and blocked pathways to determine what therapies might be helpful to balance the body. We also combine bloodwork to see long standing patterns because many diseases start years or decades before symptoms and diagnoses occur.


Our goal is to use foundational support to achieve health rather than order expensive tests.


Our culture has gone away from the simple (foundations) solutions of nutrition, stress management as well as hygiene products and looking at other environmental factors. Toxic air, water, noise, lack of sleep, negative beliefs can either contribute to health or disease. So many patients find themselves with recurrent infections, skin conditions and not feeling well despite conventional testing.


All stressors whether emotional, chemical, physical or physiological add an obstacle to healing. In essence, it adds a drop of water to an overflowing bucket.


So, the question we ask is what is adding to your bucket?

What are the foundations?

Foundations of health

Like there are many roads home, many symptoms or conditions can be the result of something that may not show on a test and might look like we need medication to correct, but we failed to see the "root" cause. For example, blood sugar dysregulation can result from lack of sleep, poor diet, high stress, food sensitivities, etc. If you don't change the reason for the symptoms, you won't change the outcome. You'll be using metformin until it doesn't work anymore. The same can be said for thyroid disease, hypertension, anxiety, pain, depression and even weight challenges. Ready to start your journey? Reach out because we’d love to hear your story!!!

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