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We all know the labs sometimes are normal, but you don't feel fine. What happens when the labs have some out of range indicators? Do you know why they're out of range?

The new marketing for functional and integrative doctors focuses on what happens when all the lab work is normal, but you don't feel well or there's the focus of test don't guess. There may be one problem with that. The ranges might be abnormal, but they still don't tell you why they are out of range.

At Proactive Health and Wellness we believe labs can be valuable, but they may not tell the whole story. After speaking with you and delving into diet and lifestyle factors like stress levels, exercise, medications and past history we use this information in combination with reflex points to determine what factors are at play for each patient.

For instance a person can have elevated blood sugar on a lab panel, but diet may not be the only factor affecting it or it may not be the factor that is at play at all. Sleep can dramatically alter blood sugar levels as well as stress. Cortisol has effects on insulin levels as well as hormones such as thyroid and sex hormones affecting fertility, mood and weight issues.

Food sensitivities can also raise cortisol levels leading to other problems such as asthma, skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema as well as affecting blood sugar and the aforementioned conditions. You can see that health can be very complex, but also simplistic if you know what might be causing the abnormal lab results.

If you ready to take the next steps to determining what is affecting your health, schedule an appointment or strategy session.


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