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Are you being told that you are fine but you DON'T FEEL FINE?!? you suffer from chronic pain in your neck, lower back or other locations?

Tired of mainstream medicine prescribing pills that simply mask your symptoms rather than getting at the root of the problem for lasting relief??
We can help!!!

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At The Stress Dr. we tap into your subconscious blocks to health and healing. Many practitioners have said you don't know what you don't know.  We all have that gut instinct about what is right for us, but allow others tell us to use this supplement for this ailment or follow this diet or exercise trend. We listen to others tell us what's best for us, but we ignore the most important person for that information.  Ourselves.


We were once also a victim of clever marketing. Kale is the super food, hemp oil is great for you. What if those foods or products are great, but not for you?


The truth is anything that causes your body to release inflammatory chemicals is a detriment to health.  We are all faced with potential pathogens (germs), viruses and bacteria every moment of every day. What makes one person exposed to the flu get sick while others are fine?  The immune system and how ready it is to defend itself from harm. 


The Stress Dr. is not just about mental stress although that can play a big part. It's all "stressors" that affect your health by affecting your immune system. Overextending yourself by volunteering for all your kids activities for fear you'll be considered a bad parent. Making a shake with organic powders, but a food or ingredient is making your immune system react . Strawberries can be very healthy except for the person who is allergic. Exercising in excess can affect the immune system as well. Lack of a single nutrient can affect multiple body systems. For instance, iron deficiency anemia can affect the conversion of thyroid hormone which can manifest other symptoms such as poor digestion, weight gain, constipation and a decreased immune response. It may be from inadequate intake, a need for cofactors or as a result of medication side effects. 


Instead of listening to the latest health information, diet or exercise trend; listen to yourself and what your body needs from you to create health and vitality. At The Stress Dr we can find what factors are affecting your health so your body can reach its optimal health rather than treating the symptoms. 

We have many success stories with past and current patients.  We pledge to help you to turn your life and health around.  We draw upon our expertise in modern, medical research and extensive experience in proven care giving practices to relieve stress and create a customized wellness program.  


Our goal is to partner with you to consistently achieve results that restore function and promote sustained physical and emotional health.  

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Introducing Dr. Terri Brucato
D.C. (Doctor of Chiropractic)

M.S.A.C.N. (Master of Science in Applied Clinical Nutrition)

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