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Got Indigestion?

If you're like most Americans you've most likely taken Prilosec, Prevacid or occasionally reached for an antacid. Tums has even added Calicium. Sounds good, right? These do provide temporary relief, but they can produce deleterious effects on our health with long term use. I'll explain why these can be harmful over the long term.

Stomach acid is necessary and beneficial for two reasons. First, the acid in your stomach can kill potentially harmful bacteria that enters our system through our mouth. Second, stomach acid is necessary to digest protein which helps to rebuild our body. Another benefit from stomach acid is to absorb calcium. So, the calcium they added in Tums can't be absorbed.

What is a potential side effect from long term antacids or acid blockers? You guessed it....... osteoporosis and infections.

John Hopkins just released a study showing it can increase the risk for kidney disease and can also increase the risk for dementia.

If you or someone you know is experiencing digestive issues, please feel free to contact me. Indigestion may be helped by elimination of certain foods, adding enzymes and other lifestyle changes.


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