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Frequently Asked Questions

What is "Low-Force" Chiropractic Treatment?


The term “chiropractic” derives from the Greek words cheir (hand) and praxis (practice) to describe a treatment done by hand. Hands-on therapy is central to chiropractic care, especially as it relates to the adjustment of the spine.  Chiropractors are focused on the relationship between the body’s infrastructure (musculoskeletal including joints and ligaments) and how it functions through the nervous system.  Imbalances and blockages from injury, overuse, etc, cause primary and referred pain and dysfunction.


Proactive Health and Wellness uses gentle, low force chiropractic care, meaning there's not a lot of "cracking" involved.  We incorporate stretching, exercises and nutritional advice to treat the entire person, not just the symptoms they present with.​ Our treatments combine low force chiropractic with additional therapies such as nutrition, corrective exercise, and stress reduction to heal and restore the patient to a fully functional, healthful, and vital life. 

Aren't all chiropractors the same?


No- there are over 100 different types of chiropractic techniques. The low force technique that we use is perfect for people who have concerns about typical high force Chiropractic methodologies and/or unilateral rotational techniques.  With low force, there is never any trauma to bones, strong thrusting or cracking.  Low force technique is perfect for chronic pain patients or those who have a reduced tolerance for pain as a result of their condition.  Low force is the preferred method for many patients, including those suffering from:

  • Migraine and/or Tension Headaches

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Acute muscular skeletal discomfort

  • Herniated discs and/or Sciatica

  • Tennis or Golfers Elbow

  • Carpal Tunnel 

  • T M J syndrome

  • Neuritis, Tendonitus or Bursitis

  • Peripheral Neuropathy

  • Plantar Fascitis

  • Rotator Cuff Syndrome

"Dr. Terri is the best. I recommend her to anyone I know with back issues.  5 Stars!!"  -TF

What is Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics?


Nutrigenomics is the development of personalized nutrition based on an individual genotype.  Its contribution to public health over the next decade is considered to be major.  This emerging field studies the genetic predisposition for certain disease in the individual and the role of the diet in affecting the susceptibility to the development of that disease. 


Epigenetics studies the expression of genes and traits caused by the environment and not encoded in DNA.


At Proactive Health and Wellness, we are interesting in studying these emerging fields as a component of our training to effectively perform Nutritional Counseling and Assessments. 

"Dr. Terri is the best. I recommend her to anyone I know with back issues.  5 Stars!!"  -TF

Is Chiropractic treatment safe?


Chiropractic treatment is widely recognized as one of the safest non-invasive therapies available for the treatment of neuromusculoskeletal complaints. Chiropractic care has an excellent safety record.  However, no treatment is completely free of the potential for mild adverse effects. The risks associated with chiropractic care in general and especially low force chiropractic, however, are very small. While most patients feel immediate relief from pain, some may have some mild soreness or stiffness, similar to the after effects of some forms of exercise. Current research shows that minor discomfort or soreness following spinal manipulation typically fades within 24 hours.  This is generally due to the correction of the alignment of muscles.

Doctors of chiropractic are well trained professionals who provide patients with safe, effective care for a variety of common conditions. Their extensive education has prepared them to identify patients who have special risk factors and to get those patients the most appropriate care, even if that requires referral to a medical specialist.

How long does each session take?


Each session is typically an hour long. Most chiropractors will have you come three times a week for a month, then twice a week for a month and so on.  Since we address the whole person we usually will meet once a week for a couple of weeks and then start spreading out appointments depending on your how closely you are able to follow the home instructions we provide.

How many sessions will I need?


The number and frequency of sessions will depend on a number of factors including:

  • How long the Issue has existed

  • Severity of symptoms

  • Your effectiveness in following prescribed changes in diet and exercise


Do you take insurance?

Insurance typically pays for usual and customary care. The type of treatment we provide is anything but usual and customary.  We prefer to treat the patient based on their condition rather than have the insurance dictate your treatment.  We will provide you with the information necessary to send to your insurance company for reimbursement directly to you.


What conditions do you treat?

We provide care for patients of all ages, literally from nose to toes!  At Proactive Health and Wellness, we specialize in treating musculoskeletal pain including Migraine and Tension headaches, neck pain, lower back pain, disc herniation, anxiety and depression, digestive disorders, food allergies & intolerances, diet and detoxification, elimination diets, chronic fatigue, blood sugar regulation, and thyroid disorders.  Most Chiropractors care for patients with problems with the musculoskeletal system, (muscles, ligaments, and joints), which can impact the nerve pathways causing referred pain and dysfunction.  With our proactive, holistic approach to wellness, we treat these issues plus anxiety and depression, food sensitivities and intolerances, digestive upsets, stress reduction, nutrition, corrective exercise, and occupational and lifestyle modification.

More questions or ready to book an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Terri?  Call us today at 973.534.5132.  We would love to hear from you!
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